One of the most important parts of photography to me is the permanent visual record of it all.  My work in Arthur Murray for so many years has involved people on the move from moment to moment.  My best work is out there in space somewhere.  I can’t really show someone my handiwork where my skills have solely contributed to what you see on the dance floor.  One has to be careful to take credit for teaching anyone anything.  It is a highly intangible thing. Nothing to walk into, stand on, look at, mount on a wall, sit on, ride on, eat, wear, or play. Ultimately the credit goes to the individual receiving the instruction.  They have the ultimate power to credit the individuals back who deserve it. 

So, when I can announce, “Hey, I took that picture!”  Me, only me, yes, I took it. Great. There’s just one problem.  The real artist and creativity agent here is on the other side of the lens.  I just expose things, not create things, to whoever wants to look. I open the window and expose a glimpse of time and space that hopefully many people can enjoy through the medium of an image.  The beauty and cycles of the natural world are to be treasured in many ways.  I enjoy immensely bringing it alive and real in a permanent format. It is the source of my photography passion.

-- Rowland Dutcher

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