Welcome to my website of images.  I am a nature photographer specializing in landscapes and wildlife.  With the exception of the lions, all wildlife are photographed in their natural environments free of fences and feeding times.  All landscapes are as close to what I actually saw as possible.  Computer software is used only for that purpose.  Growing up on film made us take care of business before hitting the shutter.  Feel free to email me for order information, feedback, or questions on any of the images.

Honesty and Artistry

Mother Nature is the artist here. You only need to place yourself in her house for a while to appreciate her art in terms of design, movement, light, function, behavior, etc. 

Nature photographers should consider themselves fortunate, maybe lucky sometimes, to witness scenes of beauty on earth, flora or fauna, let alone capture them through a lens.  I guess you could call us ‘capturers’ first and foremost.  Artists? You could argue against that one.  But when I look across my living room and see images that still move me after many years, I have to say, well, maybe there are some creative juices flowing here.

We are at Mother Nature’s scheduling mercy as to what she allows us to capture. Weather, life’s many cycles, lack of  access, and her natural protection instincts make it difficult for us sometimes. However, in that difficulty lies many rewards waiting for those who are patient and open their eyes and ears.

Highlighted Photograph - "Morning Fox"

As the sign in one of my favorite breakfast places says, ”Order what you want --- eat what you get”  Well, the same philosophy follows me out in the field when I am using my camera. 

I had no idea this fox or any fox would present themselves in such a fine way or any way for that matter. I am rigged to shoot the morning flight taken by thousands of snow geese at Bombay Hook. Then, this guy comes up and wants his picture taken.

So I am ordering snowgeese from the menu and fox is what is given to me. OK, I’ll take it. Fortunately, I got the geese as well. Boy was I stuffed! This ambush happens all the time. Every photographer learns the ‘be prepared for anything’ lesson on a continuous basis which is really impossible to do.

We can’t be strapped with a camera around our neck 24/7, and sometimes even that doesn’t help. We can only improve our odds through subject knowledge and luck (a well oiled alarm clock helps).

My personal TOP TEN --- I wish I had my camera…

10. ...on the trip
9. ...in the front seat
8. ...out of the camera bag
7. ...in my hands
6. ...pointed in the right direction
5. ...with a battery in it
4. ...with an empty card in it
3. ...off the timer
2. ...with the lens cap off

1. ...turned on

- Rowland Dutcher

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